Aug 6, 2014

How to shop on a budget

I am a huge believer in shopping 'properly', after years of frittered savings, regretful purchases, wasted money, hasty decisions and impulse buys I have become really good at shopping sensibly, managing money and buying mindfully.

I wrote a post recently about how I was giving myself a style makeover, that I was bored with my clothes.
This is an update but not the final one with all the outfits I bought as I don't think I'm quite finished (reignited the shopping flame!)

But here are a few tips to shopping on a budget when you have a lot to buy or want to reinvent your style or pave your way to owning staple pieces.

Check the Fabric
I have put this as the first thing on the list as I think it is the most important.
Sometimes things have a big price tag but are made of very cheap fabric, it really annoys me.
Don't assume that big prices = good quality!!
If it looks like it is going to go bobbly after one or two washes, put it down, even if it is a cheap price, go for quality, better stitching and better fabric.

Every Girl Needs...
Buy staple pieces. By this I mean the things every girl needs in her wardrobe for every day life.
For me that is
A perfect fitting pair of jeans.Ones that fit you like a glove, that will last a long time and that always make you feel good and comfortable when you put them on.
Black Trousers. You will always need a pair of black trousers, preferably well tailored ones that are a traditional cut that won't look dated or out of fashion. Whether it's a job interview, occasion to look smart, work...You will always need to pull those babies back out so it's a good idea to invest in an amazing pair.
White Singlets, Black singlets, flat shoes, black heels, smart tote bag, pencil skirt, white shirt, blazer, boob tube bra
are all the other things I think should be permanent items in your closet

Other Questions to consider before you buy

Stick to shapes and brands that suit your shape

When will you wear it?

Will it suit me? (Yes it may be the height of fashion, a good price and good quality but if it's going to look horrible on your body, put it back)

Do I love it?

Is it worth the money?

Is it comfortable?
You can tell I'm a Mum now, I often put stuff back because it won't be 'comfy' but I'm at a point in my life, as a busy Mum that if I'm not comfortable I get stressed and annoyed.

Plan it first
Don't walk around aimlessly with no plan in mind (this is what I always used to do) Have a look on Pinterest, magazines, think about what you need, the occasion you need it for...

Wrangler Twiggy Jeans are my ultimate favourite jeans, they last for years and fit my shape perfectly

Happy Shopping People!


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