Aug 28, 2014

Maybelline eyebrow stuff :)

I love filling in my eyebrows. I had a perfect routine but then my Natio eyebrow palette dropped on the floor nd smashed (Thanks Matilda!) It was a good opportunity to try other brow stuff as I didn't want to spend $20 because I only ever use the small shadow in the middle. I figured I'd just try out other shadows but I literally have not been able to find a good colour, they're always a bit too light and make my eyebrows look a bit orangey brown.

So I found this brow mascara and brow pencil in the Maybelline eye range. I am obsessed with Maybelline at the moment. Especially the Master Precise liner, it's still my favourite Master Precise Liner post here

Maybelline The Falsies mascara is also still my favourite mascara, which I also used today Mascara post here

I tried out my eyes and eyebrows with my new makeup and thought I'd write a post about it as I was so pleased.
I am glad I went back to Maybelline as they have nailed it with these brow products. Their dark brown is the perfect colour for me. I love the pencil for the definition and the mascara to set them in place and keep them in shape.

I also used this lipstick. Its the 14hr Super Stay range and the lipstick is so soft and creamy and stays on for ages, I haven't timed it, I can't guarantee the 14 hr stay myself. I don't know the shade that I used because the sticker has come off (sorry)

A Stefan Eyeshadow palette (that was reduced to $2 #bargain !!)

A Glamorous pic of me before I started, no makeup AHHHHH

And After...Phew

My sister was over today and we had a great time doing our hair and makeup, chatting and taking photos :)



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