Dec 28, 2014

My favourite Paraben Free / Natural beauty products

Anything you put on your skin is absorbed into your bloodstream and basically becomes part of you. Which is why I choose to have the most natural beauty products I can. 

It is SO important to buy products free from parabens. It has been proven that they cause cancer and I read somewhere recently a huge percentage of cancer cells in womens breasts that were examined in America contained parabens.

 I havelisted some of my favourite products below.

I have struggled to find a good Paraben free and silicone free hair washing product but I feel these ones are the definitely the best ones I've tried yet. They leave your hair looking fresh and clean with no build up. I would definitely reccommend them. They are around $12.50 each which is a little pricey but I don't mind paying the extra as the reslts are worth it. I bought these in Coles but they can also be purchased direct from their website. I am keen to try more of their products.

This moisturiser combines Cocoa Butter and Coconut Oil. It is so quick and easy to just spray on and rubs in quickly. It is light but moisturises the skin really well. I love the fact it has coconut oil in and smells so delicious without parabens or any nasty ingredients. Definitely my favourite body moisturiser at the moment. Especially as the big bottle is usually only around $10 and can be bought at the Supermarket.

My other favourites from the Palmers range are

Again they both smell absolutely Delicious, I trust the brand and they both have great results. The day cream moisturiser is lightweight but Moisturises deeply.

This Facial Scrub honestly eels so fresh, it lightly exfliates and cleanses. I use it in the shower in the morning and love the smell, because it smells like the ocean. I always try to buy Lush products because of their amazing packaging policy. They oly use biodegradable products, you get money off products when you bring the packaging back and where they can they try to not to even use packaging. Like their soaps. Massage bars are my all time Lush products and they are wrapped in paper but because I use them so often I have the little tins which you can use for them.

I have only just started using thisproduct but am really impressed with it. It has a lovely glass jar and the product is very very lightweight and doesn't feel like a heavy night cream. It smells lovely to. It is usually around $15.

This deodorant is alcohol and paraben free. It is one of the only ones on the market. But one of the most important products in my mind to buy paraben free as it is absorbed into your sweat glands and by your breasts etc. This has a gorgeous smell especially for a deodrant and it doesn't compromise on its job (stop you from sweating etc.) Its one of th best deodrants I've owned in that respect too.

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