Jan 29, 2015

An easy way to fill your eyebrows in

After the overplucked era of the 00's. where eyebrows were hated and plucked to within an inch of their life, almost removing all hair completely I used to hate my thick dark brows. But Thank God, the world loves eyebrows again, they are embraced again and are now filled in to make them look thicked and darker.

I think it was a combination of Cara Delevigne and Geordie Shore that re-united our passion for symmetrical eyebrows again.

Anyway, this is a post about how I do my eyebrows. I fill them in but make a conscious effort not to a) Look like a drag queen b) like I've taken to my face with  box of felt pens
I want them to look very natural and symmetrical, to compliment my face not over run it.

First I brush them and then pluck stray hairs away from the natural shape to tidy them up as much as possible. 

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