Jan 4, 2015

'The best way to predict the future, is to create it'

First of all, Happy New Year everyone!!
Now that is the beginning of 2015, everybody is in that phase of resolutions and making plans. I love this time of year and thought I would share with you my goals and my hopes for 2015.

1. Up my game. Live and Breathe my art and my business.

My main goal for this year is to expand my business, sell more and become a better artist.
Over the years it has become clear that when I am not working somewhere that is very creative or doing my own artork, I am not very happy there. I am a creative person and I hve an over whelming need to paint and to write. I have already started the process of spending longer and being more patient with my art. Instead of the quick, messy paint everywhere canvases I usuall do (and still love) I am going to do more realistic pieces and practise harder on the things I normally avoid like hans ad faces It is good to challenge yourself.
I would love to be at the point one day that I paint every day and I earn my sole income from that and book royalties.

2. Up My Game - Mummy style

Sometimes with all the stresses of cleaning up, cooking, working, bills and getting everybody fed and dressed on time you forget to just calm down and enjoy the children.
This year I want to do that more. Which means more family days out, maybe even a family holiday. I want to spend more time teaching them things, drawing with them. So they know I am there not just as the care giver but a Mum who listens and loves them and does activities with them. I'm sure they know this already but I definitely want to put even more time nd effort into them. After all the more time nd love you give them, the better people they will turn out to be and the better your relationship will be.

3. Read More.

I love to read. It calms me down, gets my brain working and thinking and teaches me different things. It helps me so much with my writing as well. 

4. Eat Clean and Exercise More

I have a lot of work to do on my stomach still, to close the diastis recti gap. I already eat everything organic and GMO free, I need to keep that up and hopefully cut out sugar and nearly all processed foods.

5. Get off the Phone

I am not too bad at this but I do find myself now and again mindlessly scrolling through facebook feeds and instagram feeds when I could be doing something much more important. It's scary ow much people are on their phones these days, and how distracted everybody is. I will be making a conscious effort to put my phone down for long periods of time, only checking it when it rings and a couple of times a day, instead of a couple times an hour and being present in the present.

Happy New Year, love Hayley xoxo


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