Mar 29, 2015

Thrifty Fashion Finds

There is nothing better than a bargain. I thought I would share with you a few of my Thrifty fashion finds from this week. I got all these items either from a thrift shop (op shop, charity shop, whatever you call it) or a garage sale.

Theres always garage sales going on in Australia and I really do love them, grabbing some unique clothing or furniture, or books for just a few dollars. I love it.

I had some donations for the Op shp so I had a quick look after I had dropped off my old clothing and found a few things too.

London Rebel shoes/boots
These were my size and only $7. They look like they've never been worn too, which is always a bonus too. They are good to wear with tights or leggings and although it's still pretty hot here, I'm always surprised by winter and never have anything to wear on my feet so these will be great for that occasion.

Mustang Denim shorts

The other day I threw out ALL my denim shorts, because I decided all the ones I had were too short and I was being impulsive. This happens a lot. Anyway I missed them and when I tried these on they were the perfect middle line between slutty and daggy.

A bargain at $6.00

Wicker Beach bag
I got this from a garage sale and I've been dying for one of these bags for a while. Theres been a couple of times where we've been away for the weekend or the beach and I just haven't had the right bag, Something big, that won't get messed up on the sand, that can fit a few change of clothes.

Box of Bangles, necklaces and accessories

Soooo many times recently I have wished I had a satement necklace or some chunky bracelets to style an outfit. I never have a chance to look in accessories shops (I normally have two kids in tow) so when I saw this giant box of beads and necklaces and bangles for $7 I was literally over the mon. Every piece in there is awesome and I will wear them all. Honestly the best $7 I've ever spent!!

So sometimes it pays to be thrifty, I love all my new little one off pieces that cost me only a few dollars.

Love Hayley xoxo

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