Mar 3, 2015

'Nude by Nature' Make-up Haul / Review

In my usual drastic style, I threw all my make up products in the bin the other day.
I was shocked to find the ingredients in them were so bad. LOADED with parabens and other nasty ingredients I didn't want absorbed into my blood stream.

I then faced the prblem that I had to go out in public without comfortable. So I raced to Terry White Chemist down the road and bought up half 'Nude by Nature' counter.

Literally a whole new make-up kit.

I have been using them for them three days now and can honestly say I am so happy with every single product. It's even better knowing that there is no harmful ingredients whatsoever.

I deliberately chose 'Nude by Nature' because the products are 

(Will attach company statement below pictures)
Have also attached links to individual products for pricing and extra info.

The mineral powder are amazing and ake your skin look so fresh, healthy and glowy.

The lip liner, lipstick and gloss trio look and feel amazing and last quite a while.

The primer, helps the liquid foundation go on better which also has great coverage and lasts the whole day.

I was having a really bad skin day in these photos, with quite a few pimples. I didn't use concealer on any of them, just the foundation and mineral powder. It didn't make it invisible ut it covered it up really well with gathering in clumps around the spots.

**Here at Nude by Nature we are dedicated to making products that are good for your skin. Our commitment is to provide you with makeup and skincare that are made of 100% Naturally Derived ingredients.
We also stand firm in our policy of not testing on animals – why should they suffer for the sake of beauty? Our formulas have no Talc, Parabens or Bismuth, and are not comprised of nanoparticles so you can rest assured.
Having won multiple awards since our inception, we take pride in being the Australian experts in complexion and make up. We’re also proud to be Australia’s #1 mineral makeup brand. If you’re looking for a mineral powder or a liquid foundation, our Award Winning Mineral Cover and Liquid Mineral Foundation are both available in 5 shades to perfectly match any complexion.
At Nude by Nature we will always be pushing the boundaries of natural cosmetics. We will continue to bring out new and exciting make up and skincare products that are good for your skin.
You are faced with options every day, but the choice here is easy.**

Thank you for reading, love Hayley xoxo

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