May 26, 2015

Fashion Favourites this week - In Ink

After a hectic week I finally had a few moments to sit down and do some drawing today. I saw this pic on instagram of Tanya Burr and knew straight away I'd draw it when I got a chance. I really loved the dress, it was very flattering. I also just loved the picture, the black fencing that reminds me of days in London, the chic black umbrella and the wet grey pavement, so English. Very arty.

Tanya Burr - Global Fashion Awards ^^

This only took a few minutes and was so fun. I am kind of obsessed with Kendall Jenner at the moment, she is just so stylish and cool and has THE most amazing legs I've ever seen. This was a picture of her on a staircase at the amfAR gala. It was a Calvin Klein dress that turned into a mini dress for teh after party. I loved every single thing about it, the cut, the colour, her wearing it......

Kendall Jenner - amfAR gala ^^

And...more Kendall Jenner. Told you, I'm obsessed. This was her in Cannes last week wearing an absolutely stunning Alaia ensemble. Her instagram picures of her swishing about on a yacht wearing this were perfection.

Kendall Jenner - Cannes Film Festival 2015 ^^

Here are some of the original pictures :)


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