Jun 13, 2015

AMY - By Mitch Winehouse // Review

As a huge Amy Winehouse fan, I really enjoyed reading this book. I knew she had drug and alcohol problems, everybody did. But until I read this book I had no idea how bad they were, how many years it lasted and how much pain she had been in. 

It's written by her father, who was obviously very close to her. It's heartbreaking how no matter what he did to try and help her he still couldn't save her, he knew what would happen to her and in the end was helpless to the inevitable.
She was obviously in an abusive relationship, with a man she loved with all her heart. You can hear the pain in her voice in the lyrics of the songs on 'Back to Black'

The book gives you an insight into events that led to the songs.
More than anything this book is frustrating, incredibly sad and something I'm sure every addict or someone close to an addict can relate to.

Some people disrespect her because of her druggie lifestyle but you can see how easily is spiraled out of control for her, the people in her life etc. But at the end of the day she wrote some incredible songs and had an incredible voice. She sang better drunk than most people could ever sing sober!

I have huge respect for her Dad after reading this too and hope the Amy Winehouse foundation will continue to help people in her name.

She had some terrible performances, most of which are written about in the book, you see what happened beforehand that caused the binging and the reason for the 'out of it' performances.

She had some great ones too. 
Like this....

RIP Amy xx


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