Jul 21, 2015

My First visit to Mecca Maxima

I have never really been that into make-up. But as I've got older I have enjoyed it's benefits more and more. Especially on the days when the effects of stress and no sleep are obvious.

I recently discovered Urban Decay. Of course I'd seen the Instagram pictures of beauty bloggers and marvelled at how great it would be but at $78 I never thought I'd actually buy one. Until I went into Mecca Mmaxima on my lunch break the other day and tried it for myself. Instantly I fell in love an had to purchase there and then. And after years of the same three smokey shades I have always used on my eyelids since 1999 my world was changed (not literally the same product but the usual, cream, brown, black scenario) I had no idea how many eyeshadow colours, looks and possibilities there were!! Each one is so beautiful I actually look forward to doing my eye makeup every morning!!

I also picked up a lipstick by Nars in the shade Cruella. Another item I was blown away by. I wear red lipstick all the time but I usually have to wear a lip liner with it because they tend to bleed out the lip line otherwise. With this one the texture is so great I can't imagine it ever getting stuck to your teeth, it doesn't bleed out and the shape of it (like a crayon) makes it so easy to apply. It also lasts a whole work day which is a huge bonus because once I'm in the office I wouldn't normally think to look in the mirror or reapply my lipstick.

I think I have unlocked a new love for expensive makeup :-/


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