Sep 6, 2015

HOW TO DRAW FACES - Cara Delevingne by Hayley Walker

I have been practicing drawing, especially faces a lot more recently. I have found that by applying a few new techniques my work has improved so much.

Previously I used to just kind of wing it. I'd roughly sketch in where I thought the eyes, nose, mouth went. Which is fine until you try copying a picture and want it to look really really similar and it just doesn't!

So I tried the process where you draw in guidelines. I stopped rushing so much and really thought about my proportions, my placement of lines, shading, light and shadows. For instance when drawing in the eyes, I'd note exactly where they were in relation tho the edge of the ear, the edge of the mouth etc. to make sure it looked as similar as I could get it. This has definitely been the most helpful tool.

I feel like I still have a bit of a way to go but the only way to get better as an artist is to keep making art, draw and draw and draw.

I have a little step by step of a picture I drew recently of my idol - Queen Cara - Cara Delevingne

Step One - I Chose the picture that I wanted to copy and kept it on my laptop screen.
I then sharpened my pencil and got a clean piece of paper. I generally find drawing on A4 paper very challenging. For some reason I find it so much easier to draw on A3 or bigger but I thought it would help me be more disciplined and more mindful about the drawing I wanted to do.

I cose this picture of Cara Delevingne, because I love the lighting, the composition and the structure of her whole face. Also I love the backwards cap and really wanted to draw that. Cara is a huge idol of mine. An amazing, talented, Leo woman!

Step Two - I lightly drew in the shape of the head and guidelines for eyes, bottom of nose and middle of mouth.

Step Three - I lightly sketched in the outline of the features, concentrating on the shapes and proportions.

Step Four - Everything after this was basically just adding detail. I concentrated on where the light was hitting the skin. The shadows and lines created and layering the detail.

I started with adding the detail to the features and building from that.

I then decided I wanted it to look really bold so I went over the pencil in black fine-liner pen.


It took a while before it really took shape but I was very happy with the final outcome.

Hope you found this helpful!

Love Hayley xoxo


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