Sep 27, 2015

Spring Day outfit and a little DIY outside decor

Today I had such a lovely day. Teaching an art class in the morning I was able to spend the rest of the lovely sunny day just catching up on jobs and hanging out with the kids.

One job I've been meaning to do for a while is paint this old bench that was in the garden and bring it up to the front of the house.

I bought some water based gloss finish furniture paint and did it. I didn't sand it back or anything, just gave it a wipe dow and hoped I'd get away with the shabby chic appeal of it!

I moved it outside the front door of the house on the decking because I really wanted somewhere to sit and have a cup of tea when I'm watching the kids play.

It feels good to finally have got it done. The kids asked me if I'd make them a smoothie and they sat out on the new bench to drink them.

I think it looks really cute. The pots and plants are also a new addition. I just feel so much better that it's not bare anymore and a cute little tea spot for those lazy sunny afternoons.

The single tulip was from a day last week in the city when some people were giving them out at King George Square, they were making a video about it, celebrating their happiness with others or something. Pretty sweet and the tulip has lasted really well. They are definitely one of my top 3 flowers!!

The big plant by the door should start flowering some pretty white gardenias soon. And the minion pot was something my son made last week, he painted it himself and is super proud of it, so naturally that had to go out there too!

 Another job I had to do on my list was to tidy my wardrobe / chest of drawers. I have made a good start but still have so much to do and it's just too overwhelming for today. I did find this though. A little 'Angel Biba' dress I bought last year but only wore once. I absolutely love it. It's great when you buy simple, block colour style dresses because they don't go out of style quickly and you can wear them more than one season. This dress was in the sale for around $30 last year, what a bargain. I love the length as it's not oo short to wear in te day time and I love the cute little ct outs at the side. I love cut out dresses but hate it when the cut outs are at the front (On me)

Hope you had a great day, love Hayley xxxx



  1. Hi, I am new here. You have such a lovely blog, and is that your house? It looks so cute, I'm so in love! (^_^)

    All the love, Eiren. xx


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