Oct 28, 2015

5 Ways To Instantly Feel Happier

I think that in general I am a pretty positive person and if I'm having a bad day or just in a general bad mood, whether it's hormonal or circumstantial, I'm pretty good at turning my mood and day around.
There's a few things I think that are guaranteed to make you feel better and happier, whether it's for the day ahead or your future, the same apply.

1.  Be Grateful  /  Count your blessings

This is one of the most important things ever. The more you focus on what you have already, the people in your life, your family and friends and all the amazing things you sometimes even forget to think about, be grateful for them. The more grateful you are for these, the more great things you attract.

If you wish you had more money for instance and that is something that makes you unhappy, stop focusing on your lack of money. Be grateful you have enough money to eat, be grateful you've got money to pay your bills and live a comfortable life, because that way you attract more money into your life, having a positive attitude about it instead of a negative attitude. Moaning you don't have enough money will never get you more of it! It's the law of attraction.

picture source The Secret

2. Do something you Love Everyday

Whether that's reading a magazine, having a bath, painting a picture, going to the gym, doing yoga, cooking. Whatever it is, do it, do more of it.

Don't get lazy and make excuses, I don't have time...

No one has time to do anything these days, you have to make time. By doing things you love to do, you're carving your life. It's pretty obvious that the more you do the things you love, the happier your life will be. Your life is a series of moments that all build up and shape your life. Fill them with doing things you love.

3.  Ring A Friend

We are all so busy, we're parents or we're working 9-5 or have a tonne of housework to do....but it's important to stay in touch with people and keep friendships alive. You will always need your friends, to help you through the bad times or celebrate the good times with you. So give your friend a call, chat on the phone. It's so much better than texting or face-booking,

Source - Pinterest

4. Make A Wishlist

It's good to write down goals and have dreams. It reminds us in the tough times why we're doing all this, why we're working so hard and to give us the will to carry on. Whether it's things you want to own, things you want to do, places you want to go...

I find it really exciting. I have a bucket list journal where I write down the things I want to do before kicking the bucket. It always cheers me up, thinking about these things, writing them down and planning them a little bit.

5. Listen to your Favourite Song

The power of music is undeniable and this is sometimes the quickest fix to uplift you and change your mood around. Listen to music in your headphones on your commute to work, sing in the car or turn it up and make the housework more enjoyable.

Wishing you lots of happiness and a great day xxxx


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