Oct 18, 2015

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My bedroom and my favorite painting by myself

I am a huge believer in the benefits of having a tidy house, how the tidier and more organised your life is, the easier it is to focus on more important things and how being organised at home makes you more organised with the rest of your work or social life.

It completely 100% works. The only problem is that I work a lot, I have two young kids and 9 chickens. I'm an artist and I like to spend my few spare hours painting or drawing etc. 
I want a perfectly clean and tidy house but I literally don't have time or energy to keep up with it

BUT - I do have some tips to kind of keep on top of things and make things a little bit easier - For those of you who don't have the time (or interest) to clean every God Damn Day.


Sometimes I'll spend half a day doing what I call an 'overhaul' where I do a gigantic clean, which in turn makes it easier to keep on top of throughout the rest of the week. I hate the feeling of playing catch-up, especially when I get home from work. Yesterday, I spent about an hour organizing my linen cupboard, it's quite small so gets to the stage where you can't shut the door if you don't put stuff away properly. So I changed the beds and folded everything in the cupboard, then organised by shelf, the sets for Oscar, the sets for Matilda, Our bed and then a shelf for blankets.

I've found an awesome way for keeping your laundry cupboard is to store your doona cover into one of the matching pillowcases.

Picture source - Pinterest


My sanctuary is my bedroom, I don't care if the rest of the house is a bit messy if I have a 'Sanctuary' that is well organised and neat for me to retreat to. I like to make my bed and style my cushions every morning. It only takes a second to pick up the dirty clothes from the day before off the floor and pop in the laundry basket (or nothing if you do it the night before haha). If one room is really nice and tidy it makes the task of cleaning your house a lot less daunting and overwhelming when it's only a few rooms.


The more stuff you have, the more stuff you have to put away, to clean around, to was, to organise. Luckily I am not a hoarder, quite the opposite. I get bored of things and sell them or donate to charity jobs a lot. I fel suffocated if I have too many things, if my cupboards and drawers are bursting at the seams, I really hate it. It's good to have a clean-out, to have a garage sale, sell stuff on e-bay or even facebook selling sites. 


Obviously if you have a baby or a two year old you can't do this but my kids are at an age where they can help out. I actually talked to them about how it's a good idea to tidy up after themselves, that it would make me happy, that when you make a mess it's your responsibility to tidy it up etc. That seemed to work well but also when they do chores outside of cleaning their room, like;

- Cleaning the table

- Putting all the shoes on the shoe-rack

-Helping hang the washing out

-Putting their folded clothes in their drawers

-Putting their dirty clothes in the laundry basket

-Vacuuming (for some reason this seems to be a job they fight over and like to do!!)

-Collecting the eggs and feeding the chickens

I will give them some pocket money or a special treat, like make them a cake or take them to the park.

It saves a lot of time for me and teaches them to be independent.


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