Oct 7, 2015

Fashion Illustration and my love for glossy magazine photo-shoots

Monday was a public holiday here in QLD and I managed to squeeze in a bit of drawing. Lately I have been drawing more kind of  'portrait' style drawings, concentrating on getting the details perfect and trying to improve my skills.

But this one I did yesterday reminded me of my love for Fashion Illustration. It's probably my favourite type of artwork.

It's so fun, I love the big fluid lines. The free-ness, the no-pressure, the creativity where you can turn a photo shoot from a magazine into your own little work of art. It's the ultimate love for me, turning my love for art and fashion into something combined.

That's the main reason I'm so obsessed with big glossy magazines. I love the pages and pages of fashion photo-shoots. It's like real life artwork. I wish I could be involved in that kind of thing. Art/Style Director/Photographer/Model. One can dream....Or at least keep drawing them :)

Love, Hayley xxxx

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  1. Wow, fantastic illustration! That is seriously amazing.



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