Oct 15, 2015

Peaceful Days and Studio plans

I love  the rare days when you get to spend a few hours just relaxing. Today I taught an art class in the morning, then had a few hours to do some drawing. The time absolutely flew past but it was nice not to be rushing around, doing housework, or being distracted with emails etc.

I have a lot of plans for my art classes in the future, it's really rewarding teaching children some helpful tips and tricks to improve their work, seeing their face and the look of pride when they do a great piece. It's also nice just to hang out with them and do some drawing together!

I want to make the studio itself even better too, maybe some nicer furniture, a bigger desk for me, more storage for my art materials but also upgrading my materials. I want some new watercolour paints, a bigger selection of drawing ink as that's one of my favourite mediums and I  just really want to keep progressing as best I can.

It's a nice feeling to be surrounded by things that inspire me, things I have created and things that make me happy. I am so grateful that I have this space to retreat to, to make a mess (I'm a very messy artist0  to just be myself and do what I love.


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