Nov 11, 2015

Beautiful Prom Dresses

Sometimes I take on casual work as a photographer and some bookings have come in for the formal season. It got me thinking about my prom and what I wore and if I had the chance to do it again what I would wear.

Basically an excuse to scroll through Pinterest and instagram at pretty dresses...

For my own prom I wore a gold dress, at the time a corset and skirt was all the rage. I had originally picked out a gothic red velvet with black lace up bodice from an 'alternative' shop. My friends and my Mum finally managed to talk me out of wearing it though, Thank God. I look back on my prom as the first time I felt special, the first time I got my hair 'done' at a hairdressers, posing for photographers and made a big fuss of. It's a special night that you always remember. And the dress is everything!

When I was browsing through endless pretty dresses I came across an awesome website, one I wish had existed way back when I was at prom age. It's a company called Aisle Style and they stock dresses for every occasion. Along with the beautiful evening dresses, perfect for prom, they would be suitable for any special occasion. I've bookmarked the website and made a little wish list for myself!

I have never seen such a wide range of unique dresses, at such affordable prices. I looked at the wedding dresses and I was literally drooling. So. So. Beautiful.

Anyway I just thought I would share with you guys, if you are looking for prom dresses, evening gowns or even wedding dresses, this is a great place to have a look or remember for the future.

Have a great day

Love Hayley xoxo


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