Nov 16, 2015


Bx Earth is a brand that I usually buy. Because they are a company with great ethics, all products are Paraben free, gmo free and have no harsh chemicals at all. Meaning they are completely skin friendly but also environmentally friendly too. I wish there were more brands like this!!

I often buy the 'Bit of a Soft Touch' shower gel which I reviewed here - But this week I picked up a new product by them. It's called 'Clean up your act' and apart from it being a delicious, fresh scented cleansing product - 100% of the profits go to which is a charity I feel really strongly about.

Here's why:

White Ribbon is Australias campaign to prevent men's violence against women.

White Ribbon is a primary prevention campaign - that is, they work to change the attitudes and behaviours that lead to violence against women.

-Around 2 women a week in Australia die at the hands of their partner 

-1 in 4 children are exposed to domestic violence

I love the idea of the primary prevention program. White ribbon work with youths and in school, workplaces and diverse communities. They educate people and hopefully prevent violent relationships ever happening.

Check out their website to learn more of the great work they are doing.

It is White Ribbon Day on the 25th of November, be sure to purchase a white ribbon to help support this charity and to take a stand in violence against women.

Love Hayley xoxo


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