Dec 29, 2015

Appelles Skincare box

I was lucky enough to get this beautiful box of Appelles Skincare for Christmas this year. I've been using all the products everyday since and I love them. Appelles are one of my favourite skincare brands because of their natural ingredients.

They say:

APPELLES Skincare is a modern fusion of apothecary and science. Unique actives and essential oil blends are exclusively selected for their beneficial qualities. Combining advanced skincare technologies with powerful vitamins and extracts, APPELLES Apothecary & Lab is skin and hair care that delivers results
And I can definitely say that you get results. I have had really bad skin for the last month which is pretty unusual for me. I think it's a combination of the hot weather, not having a break from make-up for a long time and maybe falling asleep a couple of times without taking it off has left me with breakouts of 3 or 4 spots at a time. Horrible ones that take ages to heal. But since Christmas day with using the scrub and moisturizer from this box I haven't had any break-outs and my skin has been healing any remaining ones.

I just absolutely love the unusual apothecary scents too. They are really unique and very refreshing.

My favourite Appelles product would have to be the Sea Buckthorn Skin Lotion as it's got a great scent as I mentioned but it is a deep moisturiser. The Summer here does leave my skin dried out and I have to moisturize at least twice a day. This moisturizer rubs in really easily which is my favourite thing about it, you're not standing there for an hour trying to get your skin to absorb it. It's also great because (I don't know if you're meant to) but I use it on my face and body. It's great to be able to just use the one product for everywhere.



  1. You got some amazing products there! I want to wish you a very happy new year as well, it's been lovely getting to know you this year!

    Raindrops of Sapphire


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