Dec 4, 2015


I have been running some errands in Brisbane this last week. Trying to buy Christmas Presents and stuff for work. I couldn;t resist running into Zara and picking up a few Summer Essentials. I like to make sure in these hotter months that I have enough easy, cool clothes to throw on. There's noting worse than being hot and flustered in this weather and for me unless I'm lying on the beach, it happens very easily.

As usual the prices were very reasonable and great quality.

Light Denim Cutoff shorts ZARA $49.95White top                             ZARA $35.95

I try to keep my makeup as natural as possible in the summer. Wearing only mineral powder, mascara and lipgloss.

I love this crystal hair I got from Temt a few months ago. Its a nice touch to add something different to a basic/casual outfit.


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  1. I always find it so funny to see people talking about the summer when in the Northern hemisphere we're getting into the winter :P I love your flowy top and your headband!

    Julia x
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