Dec 10, 2015

Create a Life you Love // Beautiful Bedroom Update

Create a life you love is very important to me, I've never wanted to be that person, who wishes the week away, lusting after the weekend or wishing days away for a holiday in the distance. I try to enjoy every day and achieve as much as I can on a daily basis. I think a huge part of that is surrounding yourself with things you love.

Recently I blogged about my Bob Marley ink painting. I really love it you know, I was proud of it and my boyfriends reaction when he saw it made me really happy. So I decided to frame it and keep it in the bedroom.

Prints are available of this from my store if anyone is interested > BOB MARLEY PRINT

And another painting of mine I've always loved named 'One Love' (can you see a theme here haha) I decided to get printed onto a cushion cover to add to the Bright White and Blue theme I've got going on (I love blue and white together, it's just so fresh and lovely)

I was so happy with the way it turned out and I love this room and this space even more now because of it. All these things are so personal and bring me so much joy which is what I love to do with my artwork and my home decor style.

Cushions are also available to purchase from my store too ONE LOVE CUSHION

Love Hayley xxxx

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