Dec 31, 2015

New Year Hopes and Dreams 2016

2015 was a great year. Every year has it's ups and downs of course but that's life and it's how you learn and how you become a better/stronger person.

This year I turned 28 and I can honestly say I'm at a point in my life where I do feel more content, more peaceful and a lot wiser. In the past I've been known to be very impatient, reckless and even a bit negative sometimes.

The kids are 4 and 5 now and one of the proudest moments and things that happened in 2015 was both of their amazing progression in reading and writing and getting so clever. It still blows my mind when they read a whole page in a book to me or write a sentence, like in my birthday and Christmas cards and their letters to Santa.

It blows my mind how they clean their own rooms and make up games to play with each other. They really are such good kids and I enjoy being a Mum, more and more everyday.

Career and job wise this year I learned that if you take on too much, you can't always do everything very well. At one point I was working three days. doing 2-3 art classes per week and trying to study my Fine Art Degree full time. As well as being a Mum, trying to keep a house clean, eat healthily etc. I was kind of failing at everything and felt so stressed out for a good few months.

This year I want to streamline my focus/energies.

My blog has become more and more consistent and as a result has started generating a bit of income.

This year my focus will be on the kids of course, doing my job well and on my days off instead of doing art classes I'll be doing the housework (or hopefully getting some help with a regular cleaner) and concentrating on my blogging, painting and combining that with more YouTube videos.

I think its good to have a focus and an end goal to keep you motivated.

My end goal has always been to generate passive income from my books, my blog and YouTube. That will give me the freedom to be as creative as possible, it will give me freedom to paint more and develop my skills in that area, maybe even generating a large income from my paintings and my art.

That way I get to spend time around my kids more, be there for the school pickups and after school activities and take travelling and grow up living in a lovely house.

Earning money for me is always about achieving that life, that freedom. That's what makes you happy, it really isn't about buying a lot of stuff.

My partner and I managed to get quite a few weekends away in over the year which was really nice and I definitely want more of that this year too. It's nice to have time for the two of you as well as little breaks and holidays with the kids too.

2016 Goals

- Learn the Guitar, play lots of my favourite songs (My partner bought me a guitar for Christmas ad I can't wait to learn more and play more songs.)

- Go to the gym more. Towards the end of this year I practically stopped going to the gym altogether and I want to make a huge effort this year in getting fitter.

- Be more organised. It's so true that the more organised and prepared you are for things (like food shopping, not putting things off, paying bills on time etc.) the less stressful everyday life is.

- Read the kids a bedtime story every night. I do this a lot but it's not every night. It's one of my favourite things to do with them, so I'm going to try to do it every single bed time no matter how tired I am.

- Finish my third book.

-Paint more but focus on specific types of work. Spend longer on each piece and challenge myself with big projects.

- Make time for people. Ring my friends and do nice things for them more often.

- Cook more.

- Be Famous, Be Rich, Get my book published etc. etc.

Wishing all of you a Very Happy, Healthy New Year  xxxx


  1. hey omg i love your blog<3 this was such a pleasure to read and i just love the whole feeling of your blog its awesome :)

    1. Thank you so much, that is lovely to hear :) xx

  2. this is such an awesome blog. I've been loving it:) such a pleasure to read.


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