Apr 2, 2016

Do more of what makes you happy

I am going through a bit of a weird time at the moment. I'm suffering with constant anxiety attacks, tension headaches and just generally feeling like absolute crap. I also got diagnosed with asthma and am taking Flixotide twice a day as well as ventolin when I need it. The sensation of not being able to breathe, mirrors how stressed I am feeling.

I have a million things I want to get done, a million things I want to achieve but I can't seem to get anything done well, without feeling stressed and a constant tightness in my chest. I feel like I haven't got a second to breathe but I can't see any results of what I'm working so hard on. I kind of feel like I'm standing in quicksand and can't get out.

After weeks of feeling ill, drained by the anxiety attacks I've decided that nothing is worth feeling like this. I just want to chill out and calm my mind down and relax.

So I took a couple days off in the Easter Holidays to hang out with the kids, I've spent 'unscheduled' time in my studio (and by that I mean just being in there and doing a few things that I felt like doing, not telling myself I need to finish something or work harder on) and yesterday we all went to the dog beach in the Sunshine Coast. I didn't check my phone all day and oh man it did me so much good.
I'm definitely going to make a habit of keeping my phone turned off at the weekend. There's something very liberating about not having it with you.

Apart from a lingering headache I can feel my soul relax, I know what I need to do to feel better and I honestly just appreciate feeling healthy so much more now.

I guess sometimes you need to just press the reset button and not worry about all those niggling little things in your mind and focus on what's important. Your health, your family and your happiness.

So do more of what makes you happy.



  1. I hope you start feeling better soon, definitely just focus on what makes you happy! I love that quote, I first heard it from Alfie Deyes on YouTube.
    Aleeha xXx

    1. Thank you for your comment, really appreciate it. I'm a huge Alfie and Zoella fan!! X

  2. Beautiful post! I've suffered with anxiety attacks & headaches in the past, so I understand where you're coming from. Interestingly enough, most of my health problems stemmed from food allergies! Go figure! I really hope you will continue to feel better & get to have more free time to relax! So happy I found your blog!


  3. Thank you for your comment! Food allergies, that's interesting. Maybe I should take a closer look at my diet too X

  4. I hope you feel better girl. You know its very important for all of us to realize to do things thats makes us happy. Take care of your self and be positive :) xx

  5. Nice blog, I love it ! Have a lovely week ! ♥

    Suzanne xx
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