Jul 19, 2016

Chemo day one

 I'm beyond proud of myself today and beyond proud of all the wonderful people in my life.

Back up to yesterday for a second. So I wanted to have a day to forget about what was happening and I took myself off to the shops, I wanted to wear something comfy to my session and you know how when you go into hospital to have your baby you get all organised and treat yourself to a pair of pyjamas and pack your bag all nice. I thought it would be fun to do the same kind of thing and I treated myself to the comfiest jumper ever to wear to my chemo session over some leggings and with my comfiest trainers.

The other day I sold some paintings to a lady through my Facebook page, I asked her if she could pick them up before Tuesday as I was starting my chemo then and was just trying to get everything organised before that. She happily picked them up at the weekend and bless her heart, she dropped off a beautiful care package, complete with my favourite magazines, a bottle of boss water, sick bags, antibacterial wipes and tissues. She told me her daughter had been through chemo and her daughter had asked her to do this for me. I have never met this woman before and I was beyond touched and grateful that she would do that for me.

I took that with me today into the hospital along with a book and a couple of super healthy smoothies. When I arrived at the hospital I was greeted by a lovely lady to give me my education session, then my cancer care nurse Therese who is also lovely. Their smiles and attitude put me at ease straight away.

The only annoying thing was that I came on my period this morning just before I started the chemo so I had a few cramps but they gave me a panadol for that and they didn't turn into the uber painful cramps they sometimes do, phew. when they hooked me up to the drugs I didn't have any reaction to any of them, which I was worried about and didn't experience any ill feelings for the whole time.

Whilst I was there I met a lovely couple, the lady had had breast cancer and was on her second last treatment, she was very happy and positive and talked to me about her journey. She rocked her bald head and was very sweet.

Then she left and another couple came and sat in the chairs next to us for her treatment. The lady was a mum of two children on her 5th treatment, she was also doing great, full of positivity and explained her journey to me also. All these first hand tips that people share on what helped them with their side effects  really do make it easier to deal with and make the experience better. It's also a great way to take your mind off what is happening whilst you're there.

I didn't have a single moment of anxiety when I was there, it's fucking incredible to be able to say that, considering just a month ago my biggest fear and anxiety issue was taking prescription drugs. I would cry over taking a codeine for goodness sake! Now I have been through a general anaesthetic with no side effects or reactions, I took steroids yesterday and today without batting an eyelid, a whole bunch of anti nausea medication, 2 different types of chemo and Herceptin today. The fact I was even brave enough to do that makes me realise how far I've come and how much stronger I am mentally.

Craig was with me all day and he is such a good person to have around insituations like that, he's always joking around, making me laugh and keeping things upbeat. He went and bought us some yummy food for the day ahead. He doesn't treat me any different, he still makes me budge over so he can lie on the bed with me where it's comfy and not on the hard chair he's meant to sit on.


After chemo finished we went down to the cancer council, they have a wig library there and lend you a wig whilst you are going through your treatment, which you then give back when you have finished or when your real hair starts coming through, which is awesome as wigs can be very expensive.

We went and had a look and ended up having lots of fun trying them on, Craig couldn't help himself and got involved.

Then we popped into see the kids at my Mums and we dropped Matilda off for a sleepover at my sisters house, which she was most excited about.

Craig and I watched a bit of telly and I kept on drinking water which I think is really helping. I feel absolutely fine at the moment which I'm so grateful for, I think the steroids have really helped my body fight that extra bit harder and other than my period pains I'm doing great.

 Every time I check my phone there's a lovely message or comment and that makes me smile so much. I've said it a few times but you have no idea how much the live and kindness helps me get through this, stay smiling and in turn stay healthy, so thank you so much beautiful people.

Lots of love, Hayley xx

Ps. I didn't get this wig but it was just fun pretending I was Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman for a minute lol





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