Jul 21, 2016

chemo day three

Hey guys,

Thanks for following me along this journey. This morning I woke up just before six, as Craig was leaving for work. I had a really good nights sleep. During the night I had sweated a bit, so my skin was a little red, which is good, because I feel like it's coming out of me.

Craig filled me up a bottle of water, I checked my temperature which was all good, then face-timed my lovely friends, Sinead and Blake in England. It was lovely to see them and catch up. About half an hour passed and the kids had come into our room and were demanding breakfast, so we got up and made some healthy smoothies, the kids had fruit and cereal for their brekky and I made myself a cup of tea, some avocado on toast and a spinach and apple smoothie with some coconut water. I only had to have one steroid with breakfast this morning, woohoo!!

We had a lovely morning, going over the kids homework, I read with Oscar and helped Matilda learn her words before School and then my friend came over to pick them up for the school run.

I had a bit of a clean up after they'd gone, I did a bit of vacuuming and took the bins out then sat down on the couch to watch a bit of telly, to force myself to 'relax' with another bottle of water.

My sister called and asked if I wanted to go to the shops with her and I decided I felt up to it, so we did that for a few hours, it was nice having a bit of time to look around the shops and I managed to find a rug for Matildas new room, which is something I've been meaning to get her for a while.

We got home about three and I made myself a bite to eat. I'd bought my favourite bread from Coles and put some butter on it but it didn't taste as nice as it usually does!! I haven't had that yucky taste in my mouth that some people talk about during chemo but I have had a sort of acidy feeling in my throat, like when you eat too much and the stomach acid comes back up and it burns your throat. I have been eating so much though, the Doctors told me the steroids would make me hungry and they definitely have!! I've put on a few kilos and I actually feel a really healthy weight. I'm about 45 kgs now and it feels pretty good.

It hit about 4pm and I felt really tired, I had the stomach injection yesterday which can make you feel achey all over your body so I did feel a bit of that. I went and had a nice warm bath around 5pm which really helped.

I got some lovely messages over the last couple of days from some old school friends, which really made me smile. I really love my new hair and still hoping I can hang onto it for as long as possible!


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