Aug 31, 2016

Chemo round three // fatigue, hot flashes and numb fingers and toes

I'M HALFWAY THROUGH MY CHEMO!! It feels so good to say that and I've been looking forward to this milestone for ages.

I had my third round yesterday and all went well. I had my favourite nurses there again, who are so bubbly and happy and gorgeous that they really take your mind off why you're actually there. My sister came with me and we had quite a nice day mucking around with snapchat filters on her phone and having a laugh.

I was sat in the waiting room for quite a long time before we actually went through and I ended up feeling quite nauseous before the chemo started. I think it's just the whole vibe of the waiting room, surrounded by sick people, with all types of cancers. It can get to the strongest of us.

When I went through I got my anti nausea meds put in through my veins and had a bar of chocolate and I felt good again.

All up, it takes abut 3.5 hours for the medication to be infused which sounds like ages but it always goes so quick, especially with good company.

I stayed at my Mums house last night and she cooked us all a roast dinner. Craig is away so I felt like I didn't want to be on my own, I remember how sleepy I was the last time, for the first few days.

I woke up this morning bright red, which is normal and happens every time, the chemo sweats out during the night and I always look like I'm sun-burnt for the first couple of days. I felt pretty nauseous when I woke up, which is the first time that's happened and I'm wondering if it has anything to do with yesterday. I felt really panicky when I felt nauseous, scared that I was going to feel sick and that I wouldn't be able to shake the feeling. But I spoke to Craig over the phone which made me feel better and after something to eat and drink I felt okay. Phew.

Other symptoms lately have included extreme fatigue, like a dull ache in my legs, making it hard to walk very far. Which actually really sucks. I've also had numbness in my right hand and right foot. They did explain before I started that this was a common side effect so, it's no surprise it's started happening. I just hope it won't be permanent.

Another symptom is the chemical menopause I think is about to happen. Judging by the amount of hot flashes I've been having. Waking up in the night, feeling boiling hot and having to strip off and pull the covers off me and most girls do lose their period after the first few rounds. They've told me that my periods will return once the treatment stops. I will be having hormone drugs for a long time after the chemo has finished so that can cause menopause too. A whole other subject I don't even want to think about right now. I'm just focusing on the chemo getting sorted and recovering. I'll cross all those other bridges like radiation and tamoxifen when this is done.

All in all I feel okay, just tired and sometimes despite the positivity I send out, I get a bit sad. I think it's just all the drugs and being so fatigued I can't actually do all the things I want. It's not natural for me to be like this, I usually have bundles of energy and have a hard time winding down. It's ironic that I finally have the time to do all those things I've wanted to do, like paintings and sorting my house out, but I don't have the energy or strength to do it some days.

Injecting my neurolasta for the first time myself was pretty frightening I've gotta say - video below

Thanks so much for reading and all your beautiful comments I get from you, it really does help me through the bad times. I'm so lucky to have such good friends and family who rally around me during this time.


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