Aug 13, 2016

TCH Chemo for breast cancer - Round two

Days 1- 4
Fatigue, sleepiness, burnt veins, aches and pains..... 


On the day of my chemo this time I had my sister with me and also my friend Lisa. It was on the 9th, the day before my 29th birthday. I discovered last time that one of my nurses had the same birthday as me (the 10th) and the other lovely nurse had her birthday on the 9th. So we brought along a special birthday cake made by my Mum because as everyone who knows her, she is the best cake maker around!

The day felt really long, I had an afternoon appointment this time so I didn't get out of there until around 6.15 and then home about 7pm. I drank lots of water and went to bed pretty early.

Again I got the chemo flush, where my skin goes bright red as it's sweated out.
The next day was my actual birthday and I knew I wouldn't feel like doing much but luckily it was a public holiday so it meant Craig was home, the kids were home and my sister and parents came over for presents and a morning tea. I didn't need to dress up or put a wig on or do my makeup. Just eat (which is basically my favourite thing to do right now, can you believe I've put on 5 frickin kilos since I started chemo?! I blame the steroids..)

So yeah, I got some lovely presents from everyone and spent the day chilling out in my pyjamas, with on and off hot sweats and just generally feeling very tired.

For the last two mornings I've hobbled over to my sisters house in the morning (she lives across the street) probably making the neighbours think that a mental patient has escaped, as I drag myself over in my flannelette pyjamas, sporting a shiny head and clutching a hot water. When I arrive Lauren fixes me some savoury pancakes, because she is literally the best at making them. I flop on her couch while she tends to my every need from hot water bottles, tea and pancakes.

She also has the cutest kids so it's fun watching them play together and go through their cute little morning routines, from breakfast and bottles and tummy time and kids TV shows.

I've felt ever so tired this time, which the Drs did say would get worse each time. It's cumulative so the fatigue gets worse. The first few days I was so so tired. I even fell asleep on my birthday when I laid down. Which is something I never do, I hate having naps in the day, I always feel like I'm wasting time. Even when my kids were little babies I'd never nap in the day or 'sleep when they sleep' as the midwives tell you to. But there's been times over these last few days where I can barely keep my eyes open, I've been watching TV and drifted off numerous times. I hate that feeling of powerful sleepiness so much!

As usual before my chemo I ate super healthy. making myself lentils and broccoli for dinner, making sure to drink lots of water and also organic green smoothies too. I think being healthy definitely helps my body handle the chemo better and it makes me feel like I have some element of control over how I'm feeling too.

The Doctors reduced my steroid dosage to half of what I was taking last time, because that's what caused the painful acne. I'm wondering if that's why I'm a bit more tired as well, the steroids definitely pepped me up last time and to be honest I felt like a bit of a space cadette for the first few days.

So my veins this time look a little bruised where the chemo went in. I guess that's to be expected though, I mean they're harsh toxins after all...  Although it looks bad, it's not actually that painful.

Tilly thinking it's hilarious, trying on my wig and 'looking like Mummy'
My permanent position for first few days, on the couch with my hot water bottle


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