Oct 21, 2016

My hair is growing back!!! Chemo round 5

It's been a little while since I blogged and that's because I feel like there's not too much I can keep saying about chemo. It is what it is, it's shit, I had round 5 last week and I put a few little videos up on facebook of my sister mucking around and I videoed the whole day which I put on my youtube channel. So I feel like I've kept you guys in the loop. The following few days after that were ROUGH. I honestly can't even remember them. Man I felt ill, I was in and out of sleep all day and felt so drugged up and full of poison. It made me feel really down and I didn't want to blog it and make you guys feel down too. I felt okay again around day 4, it feels like waking up from a deep deep sleep when you can suddenly feel your brain and body bouncing back and functioning properly again. It's a great feeling.

So far since then I've still kept to myself and hung around the house, doing a little bit of housework here and there, hanging out with the kids and painting. I've done so much painting and I've been selling so much work!!

It's been really incredible and I feel like the passion for my art is helping me get through this so much easier. I have no energy for anything else and I can't walk very far without needing to nap. Especially around days 7-14 when your white blood cells are at their lowest. They're the ones that transport oxygen around your body so the fact they're lower leaves you very tired, and the fatigue from the drugs, napping is your best friend but I still hate it.

Today my friend and I went to the Art galleries in South Bank and there were some amazing paintings that inspired me so much, and I can't wait to get my paints out this weekend. We walked around Southbank and had a lovely italian lunch and it was just brilliant.

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now. I have only one round of chemo to go before I start radiation. But getting through chemo will be an amazing feeling, the thought of it makes me want to cry. It will be so good, to feel normal again, to feel healthier, to not tailor my life around being too ill to do things I want. I can't wait.

My hair has started growing back a fair bit. It's been growing for a while and I have shaved it 4 times since I first did it, I presumed it would keep falling out but it hasn't! The last time I shaved it was around 4 weeks ago and this is what it looks like now....

I know it's a little fluffy, but I really don't care I'm just happy to see it!!

In the meantime I've been having fun with a pink wig. My other ones are very heavy and very tight and I can't wear them for longer than an hour or two without getting a headache. Where as this one is so light I can go out for the day with some fun coloured hair and people won't stare because I look like a cancer patient, they'll stare because of the pink. Not that Ij care what other people think of how I look too much, it's just a nice change and what's the point of being bald if you can't have a little fun sometimes.

Plus it gave the kids in Matildas class a smile when I dropped her off today!

Remember October is breast cancer awareness month, so please help share my blog as a reminder to all girls to KEEP CHECKING THEIR BOOBS!!  You know my story but I'll tell you again, the initial lump I found was a pebble like lump. The Doctors were convinced it was nothing to worry about, even after an ultrasound. By the time the Doctors referred me for a biopsy, at my request, the aggressive cancer had spread to my lymph nodes which meant there was no choice but to have chemo! It was so aggressive that time was an important factor. Please always check your boobs, you don't want to one day find a very large lump that requires radical surgery, chemo and radiation. Trust me it isn't fun.

Also I just want to say that all money raised for breast cancer research helps them push forward for a cure, especially for metastatic breast cancer which is a breast cancer fighters greatest fear.

I feel fortunate that breast cancer research is SO advanced, the Doctors know so much about it and treatment is very effective. I feel confident that one day with more knowledge, more research and more awareness there will be a cure and hopefully our children will live in a breast cancer free world.

I will be donating all funds received from my book sales to a breast cancer charity this month, as I want to give something back, for the amazing care that I have received from the hospital since my diagnosis.

If you want to help me achieve this, the links for my books are below.

Watch my chemo day vlog here ^^


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