Oct 30, 2016

The Ugly Truth - Breakdowns and Breakouts

 The thing I've learned about chemo is, the first week you have a bad week physically and the second week, you have a bad week mentally. Well I do anyway.
Last weekend, saw the arrival of the dreaded steroid acne. I also had a bit of a cold which basically wiped me out and oh man was I depressed.

I had originally made plans to meet a friend at the markets that I sometimes go to with the kids. It's a place I really enjoy going but it can be a bit of a nightmare parking etc. So when I woke up throughout the night, barely able to swallow I knew I wouldn't be able to go because having a cold when you've just had chemo is not like just having a cold. I felt horrendous and I was so pissed off I'd had to cancel my plans again because I was too ill.

I always get a bit teary around this time after chemo but when Craig stole a few chips off my lunch plate he didn't bank on that tiny little action tipping me over the edge and setting off waterworks for the next hour or so. Haha I probably terrified him but I needed a good cry so he let me get on with it and then gave me a big cuddle.

I can joke about it now but at he time it really did seem awful, I had a 'this is so unfair' moment, which I haven't really had, throughout all of this. I think it's because each time it takes a little bit longer to get over and I'm just so done with feeling like crap. I'm so done with the constant fatigue, hobbling around like a granny and getting exhausted and needing to nap after doing something simple like changing the bed or cooking dinner.

My acne always starts on Day 10 and takes about 8 or 9 days to go away. The last two rounds the skin on my face has actually bled and it's been so painful. My fingernails and toenails are lifting off and are also really sore. It's hard for me to pick things up now because my hands are so saw and tingly and my nails are hanging on by a thread.

As you can see both my face and my fingernails look lush....

So yeah, not a very exciting post but I thought I'd keep you up to date with what's been going on. I didn't feel like blogging too much about it because like I said, the first two weeks I was pretty down.

Luckily I felt heaps better the last week and managed to get out and see a few friends. I went into the city to meet my friends from my old job and have lunch which was really nice and I bought a blonde wig which I have been really loving. I feel really confident when I go out wearing it and it's so great to throw on when I take the kids to school. Craig is not mega keen on it, he said he likes me bald, that's he's got used to me like that!!


Tomorrow is round 6 aka the LAST round of chemo!!!! 


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  1. Love your blogs. :) I'm just about to start my 2nd cycle of chemo in a few days. Not looking forward to it. Love your wig what brand is it and where did you buy it. I'm from qld too.


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