Dec 1, 2016


This is a bit of a taboo subject and don't worry I'm not about to tell you how evil phones and screen-time is, I frickin' LOVE my phone and the internet...I am also no great business genius and I'm not qualified in any way to give you any kind of advice. BUT, over the last week I have come to a great realisation, that as a writer/blogger I obviously have to tell you about.

You see, if like me, you have turned your hobby/passions into your business then it can be VERY hard to switch off from this alone. My greatest loves are painting and writing, so I run this blog, I'm writing my third book and I paint for a living. Whether it's 'ready to purchase' canvases or it's commissions. When I'm writing I am now actively contributing to my business, the same as when I'm painting. But I also have to market these things and I unfortunately feel like now that when I am on social media, in facegroup groups, on instagram, youtube is also a great way of actively contributing to my business, so my phone use is justified as 'work'.

As a workaholic and with a mind that's always in overdrive, especially when it comes to business, I sometimes find myself in a whirlwind of 800 projects I want to finish that day/week. I love to be constantly doing things. But unfortunately when that's staring at a computer screen or a phone screen, it hurts my mind. I feel foggy, I feel overwhelmed and last week I knew I just had to stop something for my own sanity.

On Saturday I went to the Crystal Castle in Byron Bay and there was no phone reception. We were there for a good five hours and I didn't check my phone until that evening. It was absolutely magical. On Sunday we went to Belongil Beach at Byron Bay where I sunbathed, played for hours in the ocean with the kids, jumping waves and swimming around. When we were driving home to Brisbane, I felt the most clear headed and happy I had in a very long time and I realised, I hadn't been on my phone all weekend.

So despite my lack of phone use and social media engagement. I still woke up to a painting sale on Monday morning and I had a few days of work already booked in. My business didn't fall apart because I hadn't been on social media, which is what I guess I was always afraid of.

So as the week went on I decided to cut down my phone use in the morning. I started to only check it for ten minutes and then put it down until the kids had gone to School and I started work. It was amazing the things I got done in that time and I was in such a better headspace by the time I was in my working hours.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, just because you're not constantly recording a lot of the 'work' things you do, or you don't engage in social media for a large part of the day, it does not mean your business will suffer.

One of my favourite phrases is:

'The quieter you become, the more you can hear' and
'Silence isn't empty, it's full of answers'

By taking time out to be quiet, to process things, the better ideas you'll come up with, the more energised you'll be and the more creative you'll be when you come back.

Here's some photos of our awesome trip to Byron that will hopefully get you in the mood for a bit of peace and quiet and a have a lovely Zenified week, with no crazy phone use.

Love Hayley xx


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