Jan 8, 2017

Best Friend

People throw the term 'best friend' around all the time, just like 'I love you' which is great, I'm all about spreading positivity and good vibes and all that....

But sometimes you go through shit in your life that is actually life changing and you have to cling to the people around you to save yourself. It's those people that are there in the best moments, like drunken chats in the nightclub toilets or a brilliant house party or fun shopping trips and lunch dates but also the darkest moments, like divorce and cancer, that shape your life and shape you as a person, they're your best friends.

A best friend is someone who is there for you even when you don't deserve it. A best friend is the one person you can call no matter what, with any kind of problem. A best friend is someone who can make you laugh hysterically just with one stupid accent, one look that brings back a multitude of memories. A best friend is someone who knows everything about you, all your flaws and loves you anyway.

Maz has been that friend to me for around 14 years now. We met back in the day when we both lived in a tiny town in England We'd do stupid shit like buy LEG make-up together, we'd wear bikinis to night clubs and stay up all night drinking, talking, smoking, dancing together. We'd go on long road trips for no reason, we'd get lost at festivals together and get stuck at the top of ferris wheels. I'd have a panic attack and Maz would talk me round. I'd stand on her shoelace for long periods of time and she wouldn't annoyed. (That's a private joke, I'm not insane haha) We had SO much fun. There's hundreds of memories, thousands of hours we've spent together.

But then we grew up and I moved to Australia, to follow my travelling dreams and get married to an arsehole (I'm not the sensible one in this friendship) Luckily Maz flew out to Australia a year or so after me being here and we travelled together. We drove from Perth to Broome in a tiny Hyundai Getz whilst I was pregnant and we lived in a tent together for a good few weeks.

I went back to England to have my baby and then a couple of years later we both ended up in Cairns, both with children.

In between that time the arsehole I married became even more of an arsehole and Maz and my friendship was tested but like I mentioned before, she stayed loyal to me even when I didn't deserve it.

Then came my divorce and of course she was there, helping me through it, talking to me on the phone for hours at night, just like she always does.

Now I live in Brisbane and Maz has been on holiday to see us a few times, we still have our three hour long phone conversations most weeks, sometimes every night for a week. We talk through each episode of the Bachelor, we share our parenting stories and I constantly try and stop her from doing the worst accents ever, she doesn't listen though.

When I first got diagnosed cancer she got on a plane yet again to come and stay with me, injecting some fun back into my life which at that point was all about chemo! We wore ball gowns/wedding dresses and had a photo shoot in the woods and I will always treasure those photos.

Dearest Maz. As you turn 30 today....Thank you for being such a wonderfully kind human being, for being such an amazing mother, and person. I feel truly blessed to call you my best friend. I haven't always deserved it but luckily you've always been there to gently guide me through my stubborn and 'learn the hard way' guide to life.
You are funny and sensitive and generous and basically just an absolute diamond and the world is a better place for you being in it.

Love you xoxo


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