Jan 9, 2017

Mummy Dates Project 2017

After spending the last six months extremely sick going through the dreaded chemo etc. The thing I felt most awful about was not having the energy to do as much with the kids. When I was lying on he couch trying my hardest just to stay awake, they would generally jump on the couch and cuddle up with me and we'd watch netflix together and it was pretty special.

But as Mums do, you can't help but feel guilty. So now that I'm feeling so much better and it's the Summer holidays here I am trying to organize lots of fun 'mini trips' with the kids, whether that's day trips or overnight trips, I'm just glad I'm still here to be making memories with them and it's kind of highlighted just how important it is to make that effort to do fun stuff with them and to document it. They'll always have those memories of the time I had to go to hospital to get my boob chopped off and that time I lost all my hair and their mum was bald for a few months but I want that to just be a tiny section of their memories and their childhood. And I'm far more excited about the memories we'll make over the years than the bald headed ones but hey, it's laugh and it will help shape them as people.

I am going to document lots of those days on here, so I can easily look back on it and the kids can too. There's months where you take heaps of photos and do heaps of stuff and then you sit back and look at all those photos and it's such a nice feeling. I was literally up until midnight last night watching old video clips from when the kids were only tiny, like 2 and 3 and there's stuff that I'd forgotten. Like the sound of their cute 'just learned to talk voices' and the clothes they were wearing and just the funny stuff they say!

I'm also going to try and be as creative as I can be. Lots of those days will be free stuff, stuff at home that might give you guys some inspiration and ideas too. Sometimes it's hard to break out of your usual routine and do new things and sometimes there's things you wouldn't think of doing until someone else suggests it. I'll be keeping my eye out for ideas from other Mummy bloggers too.

One of my favourite bloggers; Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter wrote a post about setting aside strict Mummy and Daughter time in 2017 and made it into a cute little community project, so I thought it was the perfect way for me to join in, document it and push me to do even more fun stuff with the kids.

I actually had an amazing Mummy, Daughter day today. Both Oscar and Matilda were booked in for a day of tie-dyeing T-shirts at the after-school program which they were really excited about. But last night Matilda, who had had a bit of a funny tummy all day asked me if she could stay with me instead of going to the T-shirt day. I was very happy for her to have a day with me and Oscar didn't mind either, he was pretty happy he could make two t-shirts instead of one (as we'd already bought the T-shirts).

So we dropped him off in the morning and then we went to a friends house for a cup of tea before setting off to 'Mt Cootha' where we visited the Botanical Gardens. We had packed a mini picnic, a blanket and our sketchbooks and pencils. Matilda is a massive art fan just like her mama and she said she wanted to do some drawing 'of nature'. You can imagine how thrilled I was. The first hour we were there, my sister came along with her two children and my mum but they left due to baby nap time so Matilda and I stayed for a while on our own.

As usual it was boiling hot, we soon got pretty flushed and had to retreat to the restaurant where we enjoyed some delicious scones and cream and a cheeky ice cream each too.

We then drove up to the top of Mt Cootha and went on a little bush walk trail. It was really beautiful but by this time she was pretty knackered and I'm not gunna lie, she basically moaned the whole way to the viewpoint (walking around is kind of boring, my legs hurt, can we sit down? you know the drill..) and I had to distract her with games of 'whoever spots the most insects wins' which bought me about 10 minutes of whinge free time!

But I was conscious not to check my phone and just be totally there, I only stopped to take a few quick snaps of her and we really had a great day, just hanging out and doing fun stuff. She's turning into such a sweet girl and I love to watch her little personality grow and listen to the hilarious things she says.

At the end of the day Oscar gave Matilda the extra T-shirt he'd made for her. The lady in charge of the day said he'd been super helpful and well mannered and so it was smiles all round.

I am really excited about lots more fun days like this and we already have quite a lot planned. Thank God I have my energy back again, you sure need it with kids. The amount of questions they ask, the energy they have and I'm just so grateful to be enjoying it all with them.

This is the original blog post from Louise here, you should go check it out. I'm obsessed with her :)


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