Nov 12, 2017

A new collection of abstract work

When I was younger, a teenager developing a style in my artwork, I was obsessed with abstract art. I recently went through a bunch of my old sketchbooks from when I was studying art and design at college and it was FULL of abstract work. There were countless seascape pieces from our trip to St. Ives. I referenced so much of Picasso's blue period ever since I discovered his work, and that's also where my love of painting nudes came from.

The art in my sketchbook was not about creating final pieces, it was about experimenting, trying different mediums, trying different styles and playing with colours and ideas.

I felt so inspired after looking through my old work because I remember how much fun I had creating it, how exciting it was discovering new artists and thinking of new ways of doing things.

Since then I decided to try something that I had wanted to do for so long, because it is work that I am constantly drawn to and work I would like to display in my own home.

So I splurged on a set of high flow acrylics and pouring mediums. These are quite pricey, so it's just another reason that I'm so grateful I am actually working as an artist. Not only am I investing in my art skills but I'm investing in my career.

I watched a heap of youtube videos and read up on a lot of information from the art store, on the process, different techniques etc. and then I spent the weekend practising.

Without sounding big headed, I just knew it would be something I would love and be good at. Now there are many things in art I really suck at, or things that come quite hard for me, things like hyper realism or drawing hands. But abstracts are kind of my jam.

Abstracts may look like an 'easy' form of art but I think it is very easy for an abstract piece of work to end up in a pile of muddy colours. It's very easy to muck it up, if you don't understand colour theory, or if you're not working from a place of emotion. I find my best abstracts come from really picturing the emotion I'm feeling or trying to portray in your mind.

Anyway, I wanted to show you my newest work and what I created with my new mediums that were inspired by my love of the ocean, the feeling of peace and calmness I feel when I'm near the sea. The feeling of being connected to the earth and honestly just how much I love all the different blues, with the contrast of bright white.

They are all for sale now over on my website at

50 x 50 cm




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