Dec 1, 2017

How to make a vision board

The whole purpose of a vision board is having a place to display images that keeps you motivated and focused on your goals. Something that makes you feel good every time you see it.

I have been meaning to do this for so long. Last week I was really thinking about the things I have achieved this year and the things I want to achieve in the near future.
I have spreadsheets and planners that I'm constantly adding to, but I really wanted to dive into something a bit more creative and visual.

I didn't realise how fun the actual process of making a vision board could be. Sometimes it is really nice to just immerse yourself in a creative project, but also to give yourself a bit of time and space to ask yourself important questions, like,
what do I actually want? What am I doing all this for? How can I get to the next level?

So to make your own vision board you will need

A cork board
Drawing pins
Some contact paper
Drawings (optional)

First I cut out my contact paper to the size of the board and I stuck it over the top of my cork board, within the framed area.

I then started to cut out images from magazines, as well as going to a folder I already had which contained images I have been collecting over the last few months of things that have inspired me.

When choosing your images, try and be specific, only add things you actually want, not just something because it looks pretty or is a generic kind of 'oh that would be nice to have' image.

Be specific to your own particular goals and vision.

My vision board -

I chose images of holiday destinations in Greece, France and of course New York because one of my main goals is to travel more and go back to Europe with my children.

A car - I originally drew a picture of a car I wanted because I couldn't find a photo but after more searching I did actually find one, so I pinned both!
After year of car troubles and driving old bangers, having a shiny new car would be a huge sign of success for my and improve my everyday life.

I added a handwritten note that reads 'It's my time and I'm ready for the next step' as I have been listening to a lot of Denise Duffield Thomas lately who has a website called 'lucky bitch' and an awesome book called 'Get rich lucky bitch' and it's all about clearing money blocks etc. I have found her affirmations very useful.

I also added a picture of a girl in a bikini (and it's actually a girl I follow on instagram too) I have been working hard on my health and a big part of that is exercising. I forgot how much exercise improves your mental well being and in a short space of time I have noticed a huge improvement on my body, in feeling stronger, having more energy and now my goal is to wear a bikini (for the first time in about a decade) at the beach this summer.

I also added a little quote that says 'today I choose health' to reinforce that message and remind myself to make healthy choices.

And a few words like art, business, success.

And a picture of a beautiful house with beach views. My ultimate goal would be to live in a house like that, that has a big deck to hang with the family and overlook the ocean.

I made a little video of the process down below, would love you to give it a watch and comment what would be on your vision board :

Love, Hayley X

Click on the image below to watch the video


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