Mar 22, 2020

Practising self love and looking after your mental health during a pandemic

The year of self love journal

Hello, I hope you're all doing well. We have had an intense week and had to unfortunately postpone our wedding, which was meant to be on the 31st of March, due to the current corona virus situation. Initially we were devastated, we were SO close to it, I literally just picked up my wedding dress, but this is something that's affected so many of us, there's no point in feeling sorry for ourselves, so I'm focusing on eating healthy and boosting my immune system.
At first I couldn’t see past the upset of our wedding being postponed or the fear of me or someone I love getting sick. But the longer this goes on, its the fear of the unknown and the worry of being trapped indoors, homeschooling, getting cabin fever and the well-being of everyone.

I have done a lot of spiritual growth over the last 4 years and I don’t feel anxious in the way I used to, but that could change SO quickly if I don’t be very mindful about my actions during this time.
I have a ‘well-being toolbox’ (for lack of a less creepy phrase ) and there are some things that I find ALWAYS help me to stay calm and not fall into a hole of anxiety or depression.

- Get some sunlight. We can still go outside in our gardens, open windows and even go for walks in nature (a safe distance from other humans) I am going to spend lots of time making my garden look pretty in the next few weeks. Vitamin D is vital for our immune system and we can only really get it from the sun. Let's hope Spring hurries up.
- Get up, get showered and get dressed, don’t stay in pyjamas and wallow in bed for too long, it feels good but it’s not good for our mental health long term.
- Drink lots of water and try and eat green veggies, let's hope we'll all still have access to fresh veg, we need to boost our immune system big time
- Get plenty of sleep. This will help your immune system and stop you from looking like actual zombies.
- Exercise. I hate exercise, but it’s essential for me to stay sane. I’m going to be doing yoga classes with the kids every day or they may drag me into learning dance routines. If I get them involved I can feel good they have got some exercise too.
- Get handy. Get stuck into all those jobs you've been putting off. I'm getting stuck into the garden and the cupboard under the stairs.
- Start a journal, it'll help you organize your thoughts and worries. I am also going to encourage the kids to do one every day whilst they're off school. I'll be posting some art journaling tips and videos on my instagram stories over the next few weeks too.
- Be creative. Read, do relaxing and ENJOYABLE tasks during this opportunity we have to pause and recharge collectively.
- Reduce screen time.During lock-down I got out of my usual routine, being in the house more I found I was picking up my phone more often and instead of being intentional with it, I was definitely doing more mindless scrolling and staying on it later at night, which started to affect my sleep. I really recommend sleeping in a differnt room to your phone if possible so you're not tempted to pick it up check the time etc. That blue light can make it so hard to switch off our minds. 

I have decided to put a sale on my self love journals because now is the greatest time to start these practices and may be needed more than ever. Each day has a journal prompt, a self love practice or a question to get you looking after yourself and get clear of your intentions. It is designed to give you a healthy routine, which I feel will help so much right now,  transform your subconscious mind and feel so much better. I truly hope it will help you during this time of unknown, isolation and the fear we are picking up from the media.


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